Put Away Your Open Letters and Online Petitions

Listen, liberals: we’re not going to survive the next four years if all you’ve got to offer is Open Letters and Online Petitions. No one cares what you think if all you have to offer is shame. Your opponents have no shame. You can’t shame the shameless, and even if they did, your opponents’ supporters just don’t care.

As Jon Lovett observed on Keepin’ It 1600, half-hearted slacktivism doesn’t change anything. Legislators will do vote against their natural interest only if it’s in their interest to do so. That is, there have to be consequences. Ignoring your online petition has zero consequences. This is why all those calls for electors to be faithless largely fell on deaf ears; the electors are party loyalists who don’t suffer anything if they vote against their state’s popular vote, but do suffer real consequences if they vote against that popular vote.

In the coming administration, only real activism will work. So put away your Open Letters to the Echo Chamber and change.org petitions and, as Lovett said, “put in the work.”