Some Links for Today

Among the charges leveled at Hillary Clinton (usually by Bernie supporters) is the claim that the Podesta email leaks prove that she was manipulating the media into positive coverage.

This article from before November 8 convincingly refutes that claim. When Hillary began her campaign, she had a favorability rating of 50 percent. By the end of the general election campaign, that number had dropped to 38 percent. The media wrung its hands and scratched its collective head, but couldn’t figure out why. This article, from PBS’s Moyers & Company, points out that the media didn’t acknowledge the blindingly obvious: an obsessive primary-election focus on her emails, and negative stories comprising over 80% of Hillary news coverage may have had something to do with it.

I was directed to the Moyers & Company piece from the Los Angeles Review of Books, which asked the question, “Why did Hillary lose?” The answer, of course, is, “Lots of reasons,” from misogyny to the progressive wing’s tendency to demand progressive purity from everything the Democrats do.